| Q&A

How do I update website information?

Please send email to update@oubiz.com

How do I reactive my website if websites were deactivated due to non-payment.

Pay the past due amount with reactive Fee up range of $500 to $1000.00. Email the payment information to update@oubiz.com.

What can SMB help me manage?

We provide all the website planning and management you need, from website structure, content update, backstage management, and social media.

Do I need to sign a contract?

No need to! After ordering our plan, we can serve you.

How long does it take to make the website?

We have a complete set of templates and a professional team that can quickly help you build a website, shopping system, and social media within a few weeks, so that you can start your online business immediately!

What is the process of website establishment or management service?
Step1.  Tell us your needs and choose the right plan.

Step2.  Provide our content and let us help you show the best results.

Step3. Site complete! You can focus on your career with confidence.

How is SMB different from other web design companies?

  1. We not only design or build a website, but also help you manage all website content and social media updates. Even if you already have an existing website, we also provide management services to help you grasp the pulse of the Internet and focus on core affairs.
  2. Backstage management and flexible structure. You can adjust and optimize
  3. your website content and structure at any time to keep your website dynamic.
  4. Provide you with immediate peace of mind management services, any need to adjust for you at any time!

What is RWD responsive website? 

In response to the trend of more and more mobile device users, when browsing your website on different devices, RWD can automatically adapt the content of the website to the size of the reading device, creating a comfortable browsing and operating experience.